Mermaid Party Ideas

A great birthday party theme for little girls, and if boys are coming along too, why not mix and match it with our pirate party ideas. We have mermaid themed party food as well as some beautiful printable templates and party supplies.


So you're having a mermaid party, the first thing you'll need are some invitations. If it's an all girl party then pretty mermaid invitations are a great option but if you are having boys too, consider having a Mermaid/Pirate theme. The two themes work beautifully together and both boys and girls will have a fabulous time.

Personalised Mermaid Invitations

We have designed some beautiful mermaid invitations - these are postcard size (10cm x 15cm) which you can personalise and then purchase either as a PDF download that you print yourself or we can print them for you.

mermaid invitation postcard size   mermaid and pirate design postcard size invitation mermaid and pirate invitations postcard size 
 Mermaid Invitation  Mermaid & Pirate Design Invitation  Mermaid & Pirate Invitation


Printable Invitations

You can print these invitations yourself and then fill them out by hand.

mermaid invitations 

Mermaid Invitations

Thank you notes

Our beautiful thank you notes match our mermaid invitations.

mermaid thank you notes 

Mermaid Thank You Notes



Blue and purple tableware create an underwater feel. Use a blue table cloth with shells scattered on it  and blue and purple balloons.


Our gorgeous mermaid party hats will really help to really theme your party.

Mermaid Party Hats


Bunting can be a great way to decorate your party room. Our beautiful mermaid bunting is available to buy as a PDF download to print on your home printer.

mermaid bunting

Mermaid bunting

Image decorations

Adding mermaid themed images can help create an underwater theme. 

mermaid party decoration images

Mermaid image decorations

Games and Activities

Crazy fish dance

Choose some themed music (Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid for example) and get the kids to dance. Call out different sea creatures and get the kids to dance like that creature for example; Octopus, Crab, Fish, Dolphin. Have some little medals to award for the best dance for each creature.

Making Mermaid Necklaces

Get some necklace thread and blue and purple beads and let them design their own necklaces. For younger children you could dye penne pasta different shades of blue and purple and let them thread it onto string.

Digging for treasure

For this game you will need a sand box. Hide plastic jewels, plastic gold coins and plastic sea creatures in the sand and let the kids dig them up.


A simple but effective way of making a mermaid cake is to use a doll stuck in the cake and use fondant to create the tail. Click here to see how to make this cake.

mermaid cake


We have some fabulous mermaid themed cupcake wrappers available in our shop that will really show off your cupcakes.

Mermaid Character Cupcake Wrappers

mermaid cupcakes

Mermaid Cupcake Wrappers

Party Food


 sweet oysters   raspberry starfish 
 Sweet Oysters    Raspberry Starfish
 meringue starfish    hermit crab desserts
 Meringue Starfish    Hermit Crab Desserts
 Starfish biscuits    Rocky bites
 Starfish Biscuits    Rocky bites

Food, bottle and napkin tags and wraps

Add those finishing touches with food, bottle and napkin tags and wraps.

 Mermaid bottle wraps and tags
   Mermaid mini food tags
 Mermaid straw tags
   Mermaid food tags

Party Bags, Boxes and Favours

Sweet cones

Mermaid sweet cones    pirate sweet cones 
 Mermaid Sweet Cones    Pirate Sweet Cones

Party Bags and Favours

Bubbles and fish themed small toys work really well for party bags. Take a look at our Mermaid party bag supplies.

Fish puzzles
 sealife playing cards  Sealife maze puzzles