Treasure Chest Cake

Ahoy there matey!!! Your ship mates will love this treasure chest cake at your Pirate Party.

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The treasure chest cake is easy to make and makes a fabulous focal point for your pirate party.

You will need;

  • 4 rectangle cakes
  • 1 tub chocolate buttercream
  • Brown fondant
  • Sweetie Treasure (I used chocolate coins, sweetie necklaces and jelly rings

Stack 2 of the cakes, stick them together with a layer of buttercream. Take the third cake and cut 1 inch from both the shorter sides and 1 of the longer sides. Add another layer of buttercream and then place this cake on top - put it on so it lines up with the back of the cake. 

The final cake is the lid. Add this and then carefully cover the whole cake in buttercream. Where you have the gap - between the third layer and the lid, fill this area with your sweetie treasure. This will also help support the lid,

Roll out the brown fondant and cut it into long strips. Use these to stick onto the cake to look like straps.

Place on a cake board and use crushed digestive biscuits to cover the rest of the base and look like sand.