Creepy Crawly / Reptile / Insect Party Food Ideas

Throwing a reptile party and want some reptile party food ideas - scroll down for some fabulous themed food suggestions.

grape catterpillars

Grape Caterpillars

Put grapes on skewers and add a little brown and white melted chocolate for the eyes to make these adorable desserts.

sprider cake

Tarantula Cake

Create a tarantula shape by using a round piece of cake for the body and lady fingers for the legs. Cover in black and orange buttercream icing using the grass nozzle. 

sandwich snake

Sandwich Snake

Cut sandwiches into circles and stack in a snake shape. Use a cucumber for the head and red pepper for the tongue. Serve on lettuce.

oreo spiders

Oreo Spiders

Carefully separate the oreo biscuits using a twisting motion. Add cola fizzy strips to make the legs, then add a little melted chocolate to stick the oreo back together. Use white chocolate drops and melted milk chocolate for the eyes.

Strawberry ladybirds

Strawberry Ladybirds

Super cute little ladybirds made from half a strawberry and half a grape and decorated with melted white and dark chocolate.

snake jelly pots

Worm Cups

Serve green jelly in little plastic cups with crumbled oreo on top and a jelly worm.

veg pots

Veg Pots

Cute little brightly coloured veggie pots, simply cut a selection of vegetables and serve in little plastic shot glasses.

reptile party cupcakes

Creepy Crawly Cupcakes

Use creepy crawly icing toppers and cupcake wrappers to create themed cupcakes.