Dinosaur Party Food Ideas

Having a dinosaur party and not sure what food to serve? We have some delicious dinosaur themed party food ideas.

meringue bones

Meringue Bones

Simply make meringues in the shape of bones and serve on a bed of crushed Oreo biscuits - voila edible dino bones!

Dinosaur boiled eggs

Boiled Dinosaur Eggs

Hard boil eggs then gently crack the shell so it is still on the egg. Apply food colouring with paper towel and leave for 10 mins. Peel the shell to reveal the pattern.

slime and lava

Lava and Swamp Slime

Little plastic shot glasses filled with red and green jelly make little pots of lava and swamp slime.

krispie volcanoes

Choc Krispie Volcanoes

Chocolate krispie cakes - transformed into volcanoes. Create the shape by pressing the mixture into paper cups. Drizzle with red candy melts.

melon dinosaur

Melon Dinosaur

A great centrepiece for your dinosaur party food. Create the dinosaur head shape and fill with fruit.

Dino dessert

Dino Dig Choc Mousse

Fill plastic shot glasses with chocolate mousse and sprinkle crushed Oreos on top. Pipe white chocolate bone shapes and once hard add to the mousse.

dinosaur footprint biscuits

Footprint biscuits

Make a foot stamp by carving a foot shape out of a potato. Stamp your biscuit and then brush with sugar and cinnamon before baking.

Dinosaur eggs

Dinosaur Eggs

Make eggs by covering small balloons in white chocolate. Base nest is made from shredded wheat mixed with milk chocolate.