Frozen Party Food Ideas

Lots of fantastic Frozen party themed food ideas to make your party really special.

Frozen party jelly

Blue Jelly with Cream

Serve blue jelly in plastic shot glasses with a squirt of cream on top.

white and blue meringues

Meringues with Blue Cream

Dye cream blue and use to stick together mini meringues.

snowflake crackers

Snowflake Cheese and Biscuits

Use a snowflake cutter to cut cheese and serve on crackers.

white chocolate fountain

Chocolate Fountain

Use white chocolate for a gorgeous Frozen themed chocolate fountain.

blue lemonade

Blue Lemonade

Add a little blue food colouring to lemonade to make a great Frozen themed drink.

Frozen birthday cake

Frozen Cake

Dye layers of cake with shades of blue. Stack with vanilla buttercream and decorate with fondant snowflakes and sprinkles..

melted snow

Melted Snow

Add 'Melted Snow' bottle wrappers to little bottles of water.

Melted Olafs

Melted Olafs

Use white icing to cover your biscuit and stick a large marshmallow to it. Use melted chocolate and mini chocolate beans to decorate.

snowflake biscuits

Snowflake Biscuits

Use a snowflake cutter to make biscuits and decorate with white and blue icing.

olaf noses

Olaf Noses

Serve little carrots with a bowl of your favourite dip.

Snowflake Cake Pops

Snowflake Cake Pops

Make white and blue cake pops and decorate with white fondant snowflakes.