Mermaid Party Food Ideas

Throwing a mermaid party and wondering what party food to serve? We've got lots of lovely themed mermaid party food ideas for you below.

starfish biscuits

Starfish Biscuits

Use your favourite biscuit recipe and a star biscuit cutter to get the shape. decorate with pink and red icing to create a starfish design.

rocky bites

Rocky Bites

Use rice krispie cereal mixed with melted butter and marshmallows and some blue food colouring to create your rocky bites. Top with choc shells.

Oyster desserts

Sweet Oysters

Fill oyster shaped wafers with pink cream or ice cream and use either a white truffle or white malteaser for the pearl.

hermit crab desserts

Hermit Crab Desserts

Super cute crab desserts - made from a shortbread biscuit, some whipping cream coloured pink, a strawberry drizzled with white chocolate and white chocolate drops for eyes.

Raspberry starfish

Raspberry Starfish

Possibly the easiest party food - simply fill a dish with chunks of pineapple and arrange raspberries on top in the shape of starfish.

Mermaid Cake

Use a barbie or doll to easily create a mermaid cake.

Meringue Starfish

Colour meringue mixture pink. Use a piping bag to pipe starfish shapes. Decorate with dark pink cream.