Kids Birthday Party Games

Musical Birthday Party Games

Musical bumps
Choose some age appropriate music for those attending the party, and ask them to dance. You will require someone to be in charge of turning on and off the music. When the music stops, the children have to sit down on the floor, as fast as they can. The last one to sit down is then out. Keep playing the game until you have a winner, which is the last child dancing.

Tip blobFor each child that is out before the end of the game you could give them a small sweet for participating, then the winner could be given a packet of sweets or alternative prize, maybe related to the theme of the party. For example at pirate themed party, each child would receive a gold coin for playing and the winner a bag of gold coins. This tip can be applied to other games!

Musical statues
Choose some age appropriate music for those attending the party, and ask them to dance. You will require someone to be in charge of turning on and off the music. When the music stops, the children have to stand as still as they can like a statue. If anyone moves, they are then out of the game. Keep playing the game until you have a winner, which is the last child who has remained the stillest.

Tip blob
For themed related parties you can bring this game into the theme by asking the children to pose in a fun way. For example at a dinosaur party the children can pose like a dinosaur.

Musical chairs
This game requires enough space for the children to be able to dance around the chairs safely. You need to place out one less chairs than there are children. Play some music and ask them to dance around the chairs, when the music has stopped the children need to sit on a chair as quickly as possible. The child who is not sat on a chair is then out. Another chair is removed, and the game is played again. Keep playing until there is only one chair left and the last one standing is the winner.

Tip blobThis game can be played with either chairs or cushions, depending on the age of the child or the space available.
This games does not need to be played till there is a winner, most children are happy playing it for a couple of rounds.

Active Birthday Party Games

Pass the Balloon
This is a team game and the children need to be divided into 2 equal teams. Ask the children to stand in a line with their hands behind their backs (a line for each team). The player at the front of the line holds a balloon under their chin, and then passes the balloon to the next child in their team so it is placed under their chin. The aim of the game is for the balloon to reach the end of the line by the children passing the balloon under their chins with our dropping the balloon. The first team to have their balloon reach the end of their line is the winner.

Tip blob
This game is a great ice breaker for children at parties.

Treasure Hunt

Before the children arrive at the party hide different objects, remember to hide enough for the amount of children you have invited. The game can be altered, children can either be asked to either collect a list of objects or a set number, and can either play as individuals or teams. The child/team who collects all the objects first is the winner.

Tip blob
This game is ideal for themed parties, as the objects can be themed related. Plus it can be played indoors or out!
Playing this game in teams, is a good way of children getting to know each other.

Classic Birthday Party Games

Pass the Parcel

First choose the winning prize, it can be a random gift or related to the theme of the party. Wrap the winning prize first with a distinctive wrapping paper, so that you know it’s the last one! Then make a parcel by wrapping it up in several layers of paper, make sure there are enough layers for each child. Each layer can have a sweet in, so that every child gains a prize. Sit the children in a circle, when the music starts get the children to pass the parcel on to the child sitting next to them, keep it going round the circle until the music stops. The child who is holding the parcel when the music stops gets to open a layer of the parcel, keep playing until all layers have been opened.

Tip blobIf you have a large party of children it is advisable to have 2 parcels going round, this speeds the game up, but remember who has won and has not in order to try and make it fair!

Pin the tail on the donkey

This is a classic game where you a get a large piece of card and draw a picture of a donkey, and then draw a tail on a separate piece of paper or card. Each child gets a turn at pinning the tail on the donkey whilst blind folded (use Blu Tack to pin the tail on). The child who gets the tail closet to where it should be is the winner.

Tip blobThis game can be altered to the theme of the party, for example Pin the Wand on the Fairy, Pin the Tail on the Mermaid, Pin the Hook on the Pirate or Pin the Horn on the Triceratops.  

Sleeping lions

Ask all the children to lie down on the floor and pretend to be sleeping lions. They must not make a move. Then you walk around them and try to wake them up by talking or lightly tickling them. Anyone who moves is out of the game.

Tip blobIf you want to still involve those that are out of the game, you can ask them to help wake up the other sleeping lions.

Follow My leader

The is a simple fun copying game, where the leader starts doing an action like hoping round the room, and all the other children do the same as the leader. It is advisable that you start the game with an adult as the leader, and then as the children understand the game, children can take it in turns to be the leader.

Tip blob
Here are some suggestions for actions to use in the game; jumping, clapping hands, hands on head, skipping, dancing and being an animal.

Simon Says

You start this game by saying “Simon Says… put your hands on your head”, and the all the children have to put their hands on their head. Then repeat but each time you change what the children have to do, for example “Simon Says…” Jump up and down, sit down, stand up, turn around in circles, hop on one foot, clap hands etc… Children who do the wrong action or are slow to react are then out of the game, keep playing until you have a winner.

Tip blobIf you have a themed party you can add a few actions to the games. For example at a Pirate party you can ask them to hop on one foot, close/cover one eye, or walk the plank like a pirate.

Guessing Birthday Party Games

What’s On the Tray?
Place an assortment of objects on a tray, and ask the children to look at the tray for a minute. Then cover the tray with a towel, and give the children a pen and paper. The children can either play this game in teams or individually. Ask them to list as many objects as they can remember, the person/team who has the most listed is the winner. A variation of this game is rather than giving them a pen and paper to list all items; you simply remove an item from the tray without them seeing, and then ask them to call out the missing object.

Tip blobThis game can be adapted to suit the age of the children, for example for younger children use less items than you would for older children. Plus the objects placed on the tray can be theme related.

Touch and Feel

Get a box with a hole on the top, and place a different item in each time. Ask the children to put their hand in the box and guess what it is.

Here are some suggestions as to what to put in the box: Comb, banana, shoelace, toy car, cotton wool etc…